The Wonders of Walt Disney World

Includes Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge! Planning a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort? The Wonders of Walt Disney World is the essential read before your visit with Mickey.The Wonders of Walt Disney World will guide you from park to park and attraction to attraction, across all of the Disney property. It will open your eyes to the stories behind the stories of each attraction and bring forth hundreds of secrets that Disney weaves and hides just below the surface.Wherever you are on the Disney continuum, from your first trip to your hundred-and-first trip, this book will make your Disney experience all the richer. Even for the self-proclaimed Disney expert, there are numerous insider stories and details here to entertain and inform you: Which attraction at the Magic Kingdom has been scientifically proven to greatly aid in passing a kidney stone?Forget about Hidden Mickeys: Did you know Disney’s newest park, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, features a hidden Millennium Falcon?Did you know a legendary producer working on an attraction at Walt Disney World refused money as a payment? He opted for a basket of socks instead!What does actor Tom Selleck have to do with Epcot’s lovable Figment character?Unbeknownst to Disney at the time, which country announced they were going to be the first to sponsor a pavilion at Epcot, only to have the deal fall apart? The Wonders of Walt Disney World is the perfect companion for your next trip or a nostalgic look back on what you have experienced, or may have missed, during your last visit. If you’ve never been to Walt Disney World, or even if you visit several times a year, by the time you finish the book, you will have not only a better sense of where things are throughout the parks but a greater appreciation for the attractions themselves.The Wonders of Walt Disney World is a comprehensive and entertaining tour designed for both easy reading and reference.Come discover the wonders that are hiding in plain sight!

Book Details

Book Title: The Wonders of Walt Disney World

Book Author: Aaron H. Goldberg

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ISBN: 0692968954